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Woodhouse Estates provides Landlords with Guaranteed Rent Scheme. This is a scheme designed to give you hassle free management of your property. 

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woodhouse EsTATES Promise

  • No additional fees to pay

  • No Commission

  • No Hidden Charges

  • It is part of our responsibility to find suitable tenants, run thorough background checks

  • Manage maintenance and repairs to your property

  • Our management service guarantees that your property will receive regular visits to ensure that it is being well looked after by tenant

  • Landlord will receive the agreed monthly income with little or no time required to manage the process



"Guaranteed Rent Scheme is designed to be hassle free for those with little time available to find tenants and look after the property"



How Guaranteed Rent works

Woodhouse Agents will do a free property valuation and negotiate the monthly rent with the landlord taking into account maintenance and repairs expenses. Once the offer is signed and the landlord is happy with the terms, the agency will take control of the property.